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Bosch Kitchen Machines & Automatic Bread Makers
Bosch Universal Plus
The Following Bosch and Zojirushi Kitchen Machines Offer:

1.  Speed - faster, more efficient mixing means more time to play or do other important things
2.  Convenience - throw in the ingredients and watch it work quickly and efficiently
3.  Less mess - one bowl mixing means less clean-up
4.  Easy Street Mixing - when you don't always have time, energy, or strength to mix by hand
Classic Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine
Zojirushi Automatic Bread Maker
Bosch Universal Plus
Bosch Classic Universal
Zojirushi Automatic Bread Maker

I love my Bosch! My mom and my grandma have had theirs for years, so when I finally got mine, I knew what to expect. My Bosch Universal meets the expectations I have. Now, I just need the slicer/shredder attachment to complete my custom set. -J.A. Idaho

I lived next door to a woman who made bread 2-3 times a week using her Bosch. I knew how much my family loved homemade bread, so I decided to try it using my KitchenAid. It was a disaster! The dough kept riding up the hook, and it was sticky and I couldn't get the right consistency in my dough. I finally had to take it out of the bowl and hand knead it (and it was not worth it!) Then my friend explained how easy her Bosch made it to make bread, and she let me borrow it. The first time was a little difficult, just because I didn't know how much flour to add. Then my friend taught me that you "just add flour until the sides of the Bosch bowl are clean." So I borrowed it two more times, and I loved it! I love how you add flour until the dough creates a ball, and the bowl is basically clean when you take the dough out of it. I finally had to go out and purchase a Bosch, because I couldn't keep borrowing my friend's! I love it and use it all of the time. -Erin in Iowa

I love using my Bosch Kitchen Machine and wanted to make Bosch available to you. I will not use anything else to make and knead my bread. And it is so much easier to make bread than I had ever imagined. As a mother, I love knowing exactly what I put into my bread and other foods that I make and feed my husband and kids. -Jamie

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