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Marga Mill
Hand Crank Oat Roller & Flour Mill
This oat roller mill is great for rolling oats for breakfast cereals and flaking grains. You can flake almost any grain, for instance: wheat, rye, spelt, millet, kamut and more.

Why should you roll your own oats?
Oat bran is great for your body and oats are considered a 'cleansing grain' because they help cleanse your blood and intestinal tract. Oats also give you many things your body needs to be healthy. They are a great source of protein, fiber, lysine, complex carbohydrates (which helps in reducing the risk of cancer and helps to control diabetes), and many other great nutrients. Plus, they taste great!

Better nutrition
Freshly rolled oats or freshly flaked grains have more of the original vitamins, minerals and oils than those bought in the store. Fresh milled means better taste and health benefits for your body.

NOTE: Regarding Flour Grinding - this machine will make flour, but it is course unless you run it through several times.
Tip: Soak your grains before rolling them to get a nice rolled texture. Soak them in water for only 10-15 minutes and then let them dry until the outsides of the berries are dry otherwise, they will stick to the rollers.
Other Tip: We have tried microwaving the grains rather than soaking them before rolling them. That seems to work really well - you just need to get them warm enough to be a little soft - maybe one minute worth.

Hand crank powered (no electricity needed)
Grains are crushed under extreme pressure
Rollers operate at different speeds
Rollers are operated by the handle
3 Position Regulating knob:
    Position 1: Makes Flour
    Position 2-3: Makes cereal flakes

Included Accessories:
3 Plated steel rollers
Washable hopper and collecting basin
Table clamp
Color: Chrome
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Width: 6"
Height: 9"
Depth: 5"
2 Years (made in Italy)
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Original Price:     $149.95
     Sale Price:     $129.95
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Marga Mill Oat Roller