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HiStakes Spelt
Grain Directly From the Farmer
Hi. I am part of a family-run Idaho farm. We do our best to grow and then sell quality, NON-GMO spelt - directly from the farm. (We also do not use Glyphosate/RoundUp to ripen our crop.) The variety of spelt that we grow is perfect for baking and has good protein levels. Did you know that freshly ground spelt flour contains more nutrients?! You may need a new grain mill to put the freshest nutrients into your baking after grinding your spelt into spelt flour (or you can grind a variety of other grains, too)!

We do not currently offer hard white or hard red wheat. However, if you can tolerate gluten, hard white wheat is an excellent choice of wheat to use in bread and even specialty noodles. Using fresh flour, allows your body to absorb more "live" nutrients. And hard white whole wheat is good for you. It also creates a sweeter flavor in your breads and baked goods. Visit our white wheat page to learn more....

You will find our favorite grain mills: the Nutrimill, & WonderMill Grain Mills - with which to grind your own spelt flour and then to make your own nutrient-filled spelt bread with your new Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.  Click here to learn more about the new Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.

I love making bread with my Bosch Universal. (My spelt bread even freezes nicely.) Click here to experiment with some of our favorite spelt recipes for: spelt breads, dinner rolls and spelt cereal. You will even find my new favorite and easy whole wheat (spelt) bread recipe.

Or you can use your own or other's recipes to make whole grain (spelt) breads, biscuits, pancakes, muffins, cereals, soups, sauces, cakes, cookies, granola, trail mixes, beverages and desserts using freshly ground ingredients! Just use your old recipes and substitute in the spelt flour. It might take some experimentation, but you'll get the hang of it.  Release your creative chef within! The combination possibilities are truly endless when you use spelt either by itself or together with a synergy of other grains.

By the way, Spelt is always on sale! Get some today.

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Jamie is simply fantastic.  To say that my order was very complicated, is an understatement.  Jamie held my hand through out the process, answered dozens of first timer questions, and provided a ton of recipes.  Not only was HiStakes Spelt the best price on the market including shipping, but the product itself is fantastic.  Hawaiian rolls, Sandwich Bread, multi-grain bread, French bread, German Brochen, and potato bread all taste incredible. Adding spelt to common recipes produces a robust nutty flavor in the final bread and is incredible.  When adding fresh ground spelt, or wheat to a recipe you need to let the liquid ingredients soften the wheat bran for about ten minutes before processing the recipe.  On a five star rating system I give HiStakes Spelt 6 stars!!!  I can't wait for them to have Khorasan Wheat in stock again...  I want to test it side by side with semolina  flour or Durham wheat.

Again, thank you for all of your support.  When we first met, I was a novice...  Now I'm teaching my kids...  Thank you so much.
--Bob, VA
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Eat Spelt and Increase Benefits
to Your Health

Here are 3 Ways Your Health Can Benefit from Spelt
O Spelt can increase your energy level
O Spelt is easier for your body to digest than other grains
O You will not eat any harmful pesticides with your Spelt - it is grown naturally (pesticide free) for your health

O If you are gluten-sensitive, you may be able to include spelt based foods in your diet
O If you have mild wheat allergies, you may be able to eat spelt
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